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A pleasant home begins with a comfortable kitchen.
We at Shigeru Industry Co. provide quality products with no compromise, from production even up to shipping. Our motto is unceasing quality improvement and authentic technology.
We want our customers to always have a beautiful, easy-to-use kitchen.
We hope to be your kitchen partner.


Our stainless steel sinks find much use in DIY kitchen redecoration, as well as renovation. Make your ideal kitchen with our sinks.


Stainless Counter

  • I型

    I-shaped counter

    A layout with the sink and cookers lined up side-by-side makes mobility while cooking efficient and easy.

  • L型

    L-shaped counter

    It comes in two types: welded type and bolted type.A kitchen counter that provides a balance of wideness of space and ease of movement.

  • アイランド型

    Island-style counter

    An island counter that places the kitchen at the center of the room. It allows for easy communication with family and guests while cooking.


Stainless sink

  • スクエアシンク

    Undermount sinksSquare sink

    Material: SUS304 stainless steel
    Surface specification: BA finishing

  • 多機能シンク

    Simple SinkMulti-functional sink

    Material: SUS304 stainless steel
    Surface specification: BA finishing, NE finishing

  • シンプルシンク

    Simple SinkSimple Sink

    Material: SUS304 stainless steel
    Surface specification: BA finishing

  • スクエアシンク

    Topmount sinksSquare sink

    Material: SUS304 stainless steel
    Surface specification: BA finishing, frame HL

  • 多機能シンク

    Topmount sinksMulti-functional sink

    Material: SUS304 stainless steel
    Surface specification: BA finishing, frame HL

  • シンプルシンク

    Topmount sinksSimple Sink

    Material: SUS304 stainless steel
    Surface specification: BA finishing, frame HL


Order Flow

Anyone can purchase our products.
We receive orders from private individuals and architects, design firms, and contractors.

  1. STEP1

    Request for Quotation

    Please fill out the inquiry form.* Installation of banner link to the form

  2. STEP2

    Sending of quotations, plans, and others

    We will send you the quotations, plans, and other relevant materials.

  3. STEP3

    Process for Ordering

    Upon purchase, please signify by sending us your approval.

  4. STEP4


    Kindly make a deposit to the account stated in the quotation. Transfer fees must be shouldered by the customer.

  5. STEP5

    Production and Shipping

    We will inform you once the delivery date is set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stainless Kitchen Countertops

What is the maximum width for the counters?
We can produce up to width of 3600mm. (For widths of above 3000mm, please make an inquiry as there are restrictions on the position of the sink.)
What is the maximum depth for the counters?
The maximum is 650mm for the galaxy emboss and checker emboss surfaces, and 1400mm for the hairline and vibration surfaces. (May differ depending on the cross-section shape)
What kind of surface specifications are available for the stainless counters?
We offer four kinds: hairline, vibration, galaxy emboss, and checker emboss.


Can the size of the sink be modified?
It cannot, as it is press molded. (Hand-processed sinks can be made by request.)
Can the size of the faucet hole be specified?
We will drill holes according to the metal fittings used for the faucet. (Please indicate the size and position of the holes)

Stainless Steel

Why does stainless steel still rust?
Stainless steel is covered with a passivate coating (a protective coating) that prevents it from rusting easily. Normally, a protective film forms on the surface so that even if it is scratched or comes into contact with substances it will not form rust. However, if its surface is exposed to strongly acidic or alkalinic substances for a long period of time, this film will not be able to form on the part of the surface exposed and may corrode.
If it is in contact for a long time with objects of different metals like hairpins and kitchen knives, it may form rust.
What are the white spots on stainless steel?
The white spots are commonly referred to as limescale or deposit, or "metal soap."
These deposits are the accumulation of calcium carbonate and silicic acid due to repeatedly wetting and drying the sink.
Also, "metal soap" is the result of the reaction of soap (i.e. fatty acid) with magnesium, calcium, iron, and other minerals in water.

Maintenance and Cleaning

How do I prevent rust from forming?
・If anything with salt content such as soy sauce is spilled on it, make sure to wipe it clean.
・Do not use chlorine bleach with water directly. If in case you used bleach, rinse it off immediately.
・Do not use chlorine slime remover.
・Do not leave metal items such as metal scrubbing brushes and canned products for a long time.
What if rust does form?
If it is mild, it can be removed using stainless cleaners or cream cleansers available on the market.
How do I prevent white spots and lime deposits from forming?
Make sure to wash the sink carefully after use, and wipe off the water with a dry cloth.
What if spots do form?
Apply cream cleanser to a sponge and scrub off the polishing marks on the stainless steel.
Next, wash off the detergent with water.
It is good to wipe the sink dry with a dry cloth afterwards as leaving it wet is a cause for the surface to fog.


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    Stainless Kitchen Partner

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