Message from the Representative

Our highly recyclable stainless steel products
will meet customer needs
and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

In 1959, Shigeru Industry started as a stainless steel sheet & plate polishing company.
With experience in polishing stainless steel sinks and processing sheet metal, we launched integrated manufacturing of stainless steel sinks and counters in 1965. Today, our technology and products, including the multi-functional square sink, JS series, and various shaped sinks, are appreciated at home and abroad.
Continuously inspired by new needs, we will contribute furthermore to the development of society with our durable, highly recyclable, and eco-friendly stainless steel products.

President and Representative Director Yasufumi Tayama

Our Concept

Our Kitchen Brings You Joy and Excitement

Tailored to Each Customer’s Needs
Comfortable, Functional, and Stylish.
Our stainless steel sinks and counters are the fruits of
our continuous innovation for the ideal kitchen space.

We have Shigeru Pride as a specialized manufacturer of stainless steel sinks and counters
in seeking for more comfortable and more functional kitchen space forever and a day.

Management Policy


Bright, Fun, and easy-to-use
stainless steel kitchen

Convey Joy to the Users
Earn the trust of our customers
Bring Happiness to our Teams

Management philosophy

Fair, Transparent and Honest
We are the Company that:

Keep a promise
Value Technology,
Honor Discipline, Teamwork and Enthusiasm


Monthly Production Volume

We manufacture sinks and counters equivalent to 30,000 kitchen sets per month.

Approximately 30,000 units
Market Share-Sinks and Counters

One out of five new homes uses Shigeru Industry’s sink and counter.

1 in 5 households
1 in 5 households

Company Profile

Company Name
Shigeru Industry Co., Ltd.
May 15, 1959
President and Representative Director Yasufumi Tayama
Description of business
Manufacturing and sales of stainless steel household sink tops (upper plate) Manufacturing and sales of stainless steel housing equipment Pressing of metal products
Capital fund
98.72 million JPY
Approx. Annual Sale
3 billion JPY
Major Shareholders
NS Stainless Corporation, NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation
Number of Employees
Office and plants
Head Office (Joetsu-shi, Niigata), Sales Dep. (Kita-ku, Tokyo), Joetsu Factory (Joetsu-shi, Niigata)
Main Customers
Panasonic Housing Equipment Co., Ltd., TOTO HIGH LIVING LTD., Cleanup Corporation, TAKARA STANDARD CO., LTD., Housetec Inc., MYSET Inc., IKEA JAPAN K.K, Other domestic kitchen manufacturers (Listed in random order)
Main Banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd., Daishi Hokuetsu Bank, Ltd.

Offices and Plants

Head Office

401-2 Nishifukushima, Kubiki-ku, Joetsu-shi, Niigata, 942-0147, Japan
TEL: +81-25-545-0050/FAX: +81-25-543-7933

Sales Dep.

Akabane-Minami Building 9F, 1-9-11 Akabaneminami, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 115-0044, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3903-7880/FAX: +81-3-3903-7883

Joetsu Factory

401-2 Nishifukushima, Kubiki-ku, Joetsu-shi, Niigata, 942-0147, Japan
TEL: +81-25-545-0011/FAX: +81-25-543-7933

Company History

May 1959
Established as Shigeru Polishing Industry Co., Ltd. in Toda-shi, Saitama. Capital fund 2.5 million JPY
July 1961
The company was reorganized and changed its name to Shigeru Industry Co., Ltd.
October 1961
Launched the manufacturing and processing of stainless steel sink tops.
April 1962
Increased capital fund to 7.5 million JPY
August 1962
Established Fujisawa Factory in Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa and started manufacturing and processing tops.
October 1964
Capital fund increased to 15 million JPY
June 1968
Introduced a 500 ton hydraulic press and other large sized press machines and automated labor-saving equipment related to polishing and transportation at the Toda Factory to increase the production of tops.
October 1969
Capital fund increased to 18.72 million JPY
October 1970
Capital fund increased to 48.72 million JPY
May 1971
Introduced a large hydraulic press and other labor-saving equipment at the Fujisawa Factory to establish a mass-production system.
April 1974
Introduced a 2300 ton hydraulic press at the Fujisawa Factory to establish the production system for housing equipment and commercial kitchen utensils.
July 1974
Capital fund Increased to 98.72 million JPY
August 1975
Strengthened the business foundations with the capital and management participation of Sumitomo Group companies, mainly Nippon Stainless Steel Corporation (currently NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation).
July 1976
Established Kyushu Sales Office in Kurume-shi, Fukuoka.
August 1978
Established a mass-production system for sinks and upper plates for built-in kitchens.
November 1981
Established a mass-production system for extra long sinks.
July 1991
Established Joetsu Factory in Kubiki-mura, Nakakubiki-gun, Niigata (currently Kubiki-ku, Joetsu-shi, Niigata).
June 1992
Closed Toda Factory and moved the head office to Omiya-shi, Saitama (currently Saitama-shi, Saitama).
October 1992
Moved the equipment of Toda Factory to Joetsu Factory and established a comprehensive sink top manufacturing system.
October 1994
Established a factory building for finishing line at Joetsu Factory to improve efficiency.
December 1996
Introduced a 1200 ton double-action press at Joetsu Factory and established a system to increase the sink top pre-process production.
March 1999
Closed Kanto Distribution Center
October 2003
Joetsu Factory-ISO 14001 certified
December 2004
Fujisawa Factory-ISO 14001 certified
May 2005
800 ton restrike press Introduced at Joetsu Factory.
February 2006
Closed the Kyushu Sales Office Warehouse and moved the office to Kurume-shi, Fukuoka.
August 2006
Transferred the production of stainless steel counters from Fujisawa Factory to Joetsu Factory and designated Fujisawa Factory as a dedicated sink factory.
July 2008
Closed Kyushu Sales Office and opened Osaka sales office.
March 2010
Closed Fujisawa Factory.
July 2010
Moved the head office to Joetsu-shi (Joetsu Factory), Niigata (the sales office moved to Kita-ku, Tokyo).
July 2016
JS15 Sink certified as Made in JOETSU
March 2018
Established Building E at Joetsu Factory
July 2020
Closed Osaka Sales Office and integrated it to sales division of Akabane Office


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